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My latest book Detective Frank Hawthorn is…Blindsided. Published by KG Books Publishing of Decatur, Alabama.


My first published novel is Bottom Bones featuring Frank Hawthorn, Private Detective.

Bottom Bones can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Below is an exerpt from my published novel "The Escapes of Madlyn Witherspoon" which can be purchased at Amazon.com

Chapter 1

Baby Madlyn cried! The sound not heard because no one was there to hear, feed or warm her freezing body. Somehow her instinct told her to conserve her energy. She stopped crying and lay still drawing out every ounce of warmth her dying mother had. She didn’t know it, but her father Merrell Witherspoon had run away from their home because he couldn’t borrow anymore money to buy milk for the baby. He had to walk or thumb a ride because the truck was broke down and he didn’t have any gas to make it run anyway. He left Madlyn’s and her mother in the drafty ole farm house with only one quilt to keep them warm. There was no coal for the stove. He just couldn’t face the problems anymore so he ran.

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Bottom Bones,

" It was early Monday morning on a spring day in 1980. The warm whistling air coursing over the windshield blew his hair in all directions. He didn't care. He was enjoying the top down on his Mustang convertible headed toward New York City seeking a replacement for the boat destroyed during the untimely event on the ocean. The ads in the boating section of the newspaper led to the marina just across the pond from his property. The traffic was picking up as he came across the Hudson River Bridge from his home in New Jersey. The gravel scattered as he wheeled into the Perkins Marina parking lot. He was anticipating what the boat would look like and the thought was pushing him forward. He was sure everybody had their own idea, from the sellers view point to the newspaper reporter who took the ad, but he was going to give it a try anyway. He cut the engine, grabbed a comb from the glove compartment and raked it through his wind swept hair. When he stepped out of the car the owner of the marina, a tall, lean, bearded Captain Warner Perkins greeted him with his cap cocked at a jaunty angle.

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